The Best Way to Carry Your Travel Luggage

When we are traveling, we usually pay the least concern on our luggage. We just grab whatever containers available at home and directly pack our belongings. But actually, such negligence can cost us more money, unnecessary fatigue, and even damaged belongings.

In this writing, we are going to discuss how to avoid precisely the above three problems. We surely do not want them to ruin our trip, do we?

The large suitcase? Or the cabin size?

SuitcaseThe best way to determine how much luggage you are going to carry with you is to base it on the purpose of your travel. When you travel for a vacation, you may, and you may not need to carry extra suitcase with you. It all depends on whether or not you are going to bring back more items on your way home.

Having a vacation to a destination to which you might have only one chance to visit will, without doubt, require you to bring check-in baggage. A business trip, on the other hand, rarely result in heavy luggage filled with souvenirs because you might have visited the destination for several times already and there is nothing more special there, and besides, you may not have enough time to do a recreational shopping. The second purpose is the best situation where traveling light might be the best option.

You may not need to bring a large suitcase if your traveling spots are rural areas with beautiful natural sceneries. A carry-on is enough as your luggage for travel. But make sure that you can include all of your necessary items in it.

When do you need a backpack?

backpackingA backpack can be a safe option if you are traveling by a domestic flight. But bear in mind that the more plane transfers you have, the higher the risk for your luggage to be damaged.

Think of how the safety is in your airport destination. Some airports have a history of luggage thievery and irresponsible inspection. In such a situation, tear proof backpack can be the safest option for you.

And also do not forget about the sizing of your backpack. It does not matter how compact your backpack might look, but once the weight surpasses 7 kg, it cannot go to the cabin.

Extra packaging protection

bubble wrapSome of your belongings might need extra protection, especially if you decide to carry your luggage with a backpack. A suitcase can withstand and absorb the damage from an impact, but not with a backpack.

Consider preparing bubble wraps and used newspaper for extra protection for your souvenirs. Electronics, ceramics, plates, and fragile items are best to be covered with bubble wraps and used paper. By this way, you can save more space to let your luggage contain more of your other belongings.